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Ashley Madison

Everyone is looking for the perfect dating website and Ashley Madison is truly one of the most talked about sites of the decade! If you want to find a new partner, love interest – maybe even true love – or, just have a discreet relationship, Ashley Madison is the place to be! You can view hundreds of member profiles from all walks of life, around the world, and you might be able to find a special match too.


Signing up to the Ashley Madison dating website is incredibly easy to do and doesn’t take more than a few minutes at best. It’s a fairly simple registration process, even for those who haven’t used a dating website before. That’s always a bonus and it’s free to register too; however, if you want to contact and interact with members on the dating site, you have to get a paid membership.

Once you have an account, you can then create a portfolio for others to see. You’ll need to input some personal information about yourself, such as a name (but, you can use a nickname if you prefer) and a general location. You can list the goals you want to achieve while using the site and the type of person (or people) you’re looking to meet.

Essentially, you can share whatever you like on your profile, including your height, weight, body type and, much more! Users could even share the type of encounters they want, as well as any desires they have. Sharing as many details as you want, may also help to find the most appropriate matches; although, it’s up to you what you share with the members. If you want a little more privacy or aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you could have very few details on your profile. It’s your choice; however, you’ll need to supply a photo to be included with the dating profile. 

However, the site does allow you to conceal your actual photographic identity (your face). That’s great because if you’re not too sure about the site or haven’t used a dating service before, you may feel uncomfortable putting up a picture. In a sense, you feel like there is more discretion and privacy available and that’s important for most users. For example, you can post a full-body photo of yourself, but can blur or use special effects to hide your face. For instance, you could use a mask (provided by the dating site) which allows for some discretion. There are actually lots of filters to use when it comes to shielding your photo so that’s a nice feature to have, especially if you only want to share your identity with the people you meet.

Using the Website

Ashley Madison offers a simplistic layout across the entire website and is incredibly easy to understand and use. Navigating through the site is simple enough and you can easily search for potential matches. For example, if you wanted to find a man that lived within the same region as you, you can search for those profiles. Also, as the list of profiles appears, all photos are blurred for privacy, but, you can learn about their age, their location (no addresses are given on the website, just a region,) and their nickname, and lots more. It’s easier than ever to find a good match.

There is a ‘message me’ feature which allows you to send a message to someone you’re interested in and that’s easy enough to use. The ‘Chat with me’ feature is another simple feature to use and incredibly useful if you want to introduce yourself to someone for the first time. It boasts a simple layout online and there’s nothing too difficult to get to grips with – even if it’s your first experience of a dating website. There are lots of detailed member profiles to view and you can use the advanced search features to find someone that matches your requirements.

Users can send winks or likes to one another, along with virtual gifts and messages. Ashley Madison is useful for all users, no matter what type of relationship you’re looking for and offers a simple, but effective navigation feature.

Membership Fees and Costs

You have the choice of three membership packages. There is the basic account which offers 100 credits at a cost of £49.90; or, you can choose from the classic membership account with 500 credits at a cost of £139.90. The elite membership account offers 1000 credits for a cost of £229.90, which is still a reasonable offer, especially for those who plan to continue to use the dating site for a while. Of course, if you run low on credits you have the option to purchase more if needs be. Also, there are safer payment options available.

Credits can be purchased between 100 and 1000 credit bundles, which are fantastic really. If you’re starting out with a basic membership account and you enjoy the experience on the site, there are options to upgrade the membership, as well as add more credits. That’s useful for most newcomers who aren’t sure which plans are suited for them. Also, it helps to keep the site modern and can almost be tailored-made for any user.

The great thing about Ashley Madison is that there are different packages available, ideal for almost all users. Also, credits can be used however you like, throughout the site. You can send virtual gifts for example, or message interested matches or chat with a love interest. However, what’s interesting about the dating site is that female members get free accounts, whereas the men have to pay. Maybe, that’s a good thing in terms of safety, but, it’s certainly very interesting and unique!

Safety and Security

As said above, male members have to pay for their membership if they want to interact with others on the website, and that’s very useful when it comes to security. While it doesn’t guarantee all users are genuine, it does provide something of a basic safety net because if someone really is interested in finding a match, they have to pay for it.

There are fairly useful security and safety measures being added all the time so that fake profiles are removed and genuine users are kept safe. Of course, everyone must be vigilant when online, but the site has addressed security concerns of late. They do encourage users to report any suspicious or hostile activity from other users online. Security is something they take seriously. 

Mobile Compatibility and Usability

Ashley Madison’s dating app is actually very impressive. It offers the same features as the desktop version, which means no matter where you are or how you use the app, you never miss out. You have access to profiles and are free to message someone you might be interested in. Of course, you can be as discreet as you want to be, just remember to stay safe. If you don’t want people to know your real identity, you might want to use the filters to mask your face.

The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS so most users will be able to connect. Also, it’s easy enough to navigate, even if you haven’t used a dating app before. You can access the latest messages sent to your inbox and respond easily.

Getting a Simple Dating Experience

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, a quick fling, or something different, you can find whatever you want on Ashley Madison’s dating website. There are lots of profiles available; the website offers an easy way to search for the perfect partner and it looks good. There is a professional overtone to the site, but it’s not too serious so that you can feel protected but still able to have fun at the same time. Ashley Madison is a great dating website to consider if you want to experience something new.

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