Over the last year, there’s been an upsurge in people looking exclusively for hook-ups and flings. However, just because people are looking for sex with no ties, commitments, or relationships, it doesn’t mean they priority their safety. And the internet is the easiest place to find a quick hook-up. Ass Tok is a great dating site that is ideal for those looking for sex or quick hook-ups. While it’s still a new site, it’s one which gets people talking. 

Simple Sign Up to Ass Tok

One of the best aspects about Ass Tok is how easy the registration process is. New users click to create an account and then go through the usual sign-up stages. Fortunately, it takes a few minutes to create your new account and you’re ready to go. However, you could spend time to create your profile. It’s up to you how in-depth or creative you want to be with this. Some will want to add as much about themselves as they can, others just want to include the basics. 

You decide; however, be careful about what you put out there online. You may not want to reveal too much about yourself. Again, it’s a personal choice, just think about what you’re writing before it goes live on the internet. 

Membership Plans and Fees

Ass Tok offers a variety of plans and memberships. For starters, you have a choice between a recurring and non-recurring plan. If you were to choose a recurring plan, you have the option of a two-day trial plan and a 30-day plan. The two-day plan costs less than $0.99 which is reasonable since it’s a taster of what you’ll get if you’re a full-time member. It’s useful if you’re not sure about the site or just want to test the waters before spending more. However, be warned, if you don’t cancel before the two days end, you’ll be moved onto the recurring 30-day plan which costs around $50. 

There is also a 7-day plan. This costs around $10 and unless you cancel it before the seven days are up, you’ll be moved onto a recurring plan. Fortunately, there are also non-recurring plans if you’d prefer. You can opt for a six-month Gold Ass Tok membership. This is a one-off payment of around $70 for the full six months. The twelve-month gold membership costs $120; however, if you don’t cancel the six or twelve-month memberships before they’re up, you’ll be moved onto a recurring plan. Fortunately, after the six-months are up, you’ll pay $30 a month and $15 once the twelve-month plan is at an end. 

Ass Tok Search Features 

Ass Tok has great and simple search features that’ll make it easier to find a suitable match. There are lots of additional search features to find a match, including by age, by gender, if they’re currently online, or by photo. These features are great and makes your search far simpler too. What’s more, there are extended search criteria to use. So, you can look for someone by region or those with the same interests as you. There is also a paid priority listing feature, and this will allow your profile to appear in more searches. 

You could even create a video profile for potential matches to view. It’s an interesting concept and one that adds a new dimension to the site. Ass Tok also offers a block feature which stops members from pestering you. For instance, if a member continued to message or harass you online and you’ve requested for them to leave you alone, you could easily block them. This prevents them contacting you again, so, it’s useful and a necessity for most users too. Or you could use this if you’re receiving too many messages from dozens of members. 

Ass Tok has a Group-Chat feature too. This feature enables you to chat with fellow members; however, they need to be logged into the chat session to participate. You can invite members into the chat session, and you can have as many private chats as you like too. There are also real-time updates available for the chat sessions. 

Mobile Features 

Ass Tok offers a great mobile version – entirely – optimized and that makes a huge difference because it’s like the original web version. It’s fantastic because it means you can access the site on any mobile device. While there isn’t an app available, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using the site. 

What Anonymity Does Ass Tok Offer?

One of the best features of Ass Tok is that unless you’re a registered member, you won’t be able to view any profiles. That’s particularly important and useful because privacy is what most users need. While it’s basic privacy, it still matters. However, you can do more to protect yourself online. Members can mask any photo on their profile, and you choose which members are allowed to view it. That’s useful and ideal to help keep your privacy, somewhat. 

You can upload many photos to your profile, including private ones. Fortunately, Ass Tok uses an SSL connection, so it helps to make your messages more secure. 

Be Careful of Fake Profiles

However, you do have to be careful about the use of fake profiles. Since you don’t have to confirm your email to activate the account, that does open the door to fake members. So, you have to be extra careful and report any suspected scammers to the site. 

Final Verdict

Ass Tok is a fantastic dating site. There are lots of members, it’s open to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, and it’s easy to find a potential match too. Members even get some level of privacy too, which is great, to say the least. While Ass Tok is a relatively new dating site, it offers so much and looks very modern too. If you’re looking for a way to find a quick hook-up, Ass Tok is the place to start the search. 

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