No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached is a fantastic dating site that lets you hook-up discreetly. This site doesn’t make any promises, but rather offers a simple platform for two people to find one another. You can book-up with married men, women, or both, and discretion is given. Anyone can join if they’re of legal age; and no-one frown on the fact you’re married or in a committed relationship. That is the beauty of No Strings Attached, it’s about finding a hook-up that only you know about. Of course, you can join if you’re single too. No Strings Attached is about casual relationships and letting people hook-up in their own time. 

If you’re looking for a place to hook-up with cheating husbands or wives, No Strings Attached is the place to be. No Strings Attached has many members and most are looking for a casual relationship and have some fun. Hooking up is easy through this dating site and it does prioritize discretion. This is so important, especially if you’re married or the people you meet are married. Having discretion and privacy is a factor you’ll likely need and No Strings Attached has does also offer live cam features. It’s a nice bonus and helps take dating into the 21st century. 

Creating Your Account with No Strings Attached

It’s incredibly easy to sign-up to No Strings Attached. As always, you will be asked to supply a username, along with your gender; however, the password works differently with the site. You are not the one to choose the password, the administrators at the site create one. In fact, you get an automated email sent to your email address that contains a password. This feature is quite unique as most dating sites want you to create the password; however, it’s quite useful as this is how you verify your account. The automated password is a useful feature that should ensure all members go through the verification process. 

Putting the password to one side, No Strings Attached is simple to work with. Once you verify the account, you can create a new member profile. This takes minutes at best, and you can choose to upload photos to attract potential matches. However, you can also create and upload a video; these will allow members to watch these and decide if you’re a match for them. With fewer exceptions, there is no holds barred when it comes to nudity. Of course, there are some restrictions, such as not asking for money in the videos and not putting out any personal contact details too. 



How to Find a Perfect Match

Creating a profile takes minutes but you may want to make it as impressive as you can to attract fellow members. Of course, this is up to you. Some members prefer to upload lots of photos to their profile. However, you should know that all photos and profiles can be viewed, even if they don’t have a VIP membership. Now, that might concern you or it might not, depending on your thoughts. There is nothing to say you need to put out a nudity-laden photo online, but sensual photos are generally encouraged. 

It’s the same with videos. You do have the option to create a video for your profile, but again, it is viewable to most members. You’ll upload it and it’ll be stored on the ‘Find Video’ section; from there, anyone can sort through the videos and watch it. Videos can be sexually explicit or tame, that is down to your preferences. There is a ‘High-Quality Member Video’ section too, and that often has the more popular videos. No Strings Attached also has a web cam feature. 

Getting to Know a Match

No Strings Attached has many amazing features when it comes to meeting, chatting, and flirting with fellow members. For starters, it has a Model’s Fan Club. The fan club is for exclusive adult webcam performers, and they perform for your pleasure. You can have a private show with the performer in which you can tip them; they might act out something in particular. There is also a live webcam feature for all members. 

The webcam feature is impressive because it allows members to meet or rather see one another live without having to meet in person. That’s great. If you were to meet someone you think you wanted to hook-up with, you could have a live webcam chat with them. They see you and you see them; that makes it easier to decide if you really want to meet up. Also, it’s a great safety feature as you can determine if they match their profile photos and whether they give you a creepy vibe. 

What About Mobility?

Currently, No Strings Attached has a mobile-friendly version and no app. That is a little off-putting, especially if you prefer to use your smartphone. However, if you put that to one side, No Strings Attached has an impressive website, not to mention great privacy control. You’re the one who controls your privacy. That’s not standard practice for most sites, so it’s an interesting concept, to say the least. 


No Strings Attached does have several impressive plans available, including a VIP subscription. If you’re a newcomer to the site, you might want to start off with the one-month plan. This is probably more suited for those who want to dip their toes into the water but aren’t sure if it’s the right scene for them. Then, there is the three-month membership, followed by a twelve-month plan. These long-term plans are ideal for singles or those who plan to constantly hook-up with new people.

You will have to purchase coins, however, to use the features of No Strings Attached. For instance, if you want to send messages to members, or join the Model’s Fan Club, you’ll need coins. Fortunately, you can purchase additional coins with relative ease.  

Special Features of No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached is a casual sex dating website, but it still provides users with many fantastic features. Those special features include cheat tips; while that does sound a bit strange, it’s a way for members to learn how to be more discreet while having extramarital affairs. There is also the Open-Door feature, along with many member videos to enjoy. 

Is No Strings Attached Worth Trying?

No Strings Attached isn’t like other traditional or conventional dating websites; this is a place for people – married people – to hook-up. It doesn’t pretend it’s anything other than a place that connects members for casual sex. That is a major advantage, however, as everyone is clear what they get with the site. It’s an impressive site that looks modern and offers so much to its members. There are lots of great membership subscriptions available, including a VIP plan. Also, No Strings Attached feel refreshing and is designed well. 


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