Seeking Arrangements is a very unique and untraditional ‘dating’ website. This doesn’t focus so much on the traditional forms of dating but rather connecting sugar daddies or mommas with potential matches. Okay, so that sounds strange and a little perverted but it’s not as seedy as you might think. is all about mentoring, companionship, and finding a potential long-term relationship. 

It’s easy to see why so many would get the wrong impression with However, the site strips back the traditions of dating online and brings together people who’re looking for a bit of pleasure mixed with a bit of business. Users can be upfront and honest about what they’re after and it’s actually a great platform for people who’re essentially looking for a mutually-agreeable relationship. 

How Works

Firstly, there are over 10 million active members on and they come from far and wide. That’s fantastic and shows just how popular is. This is definitely a site that has a niche of its own. However, one thing that’s made clear from the get-go is there are two types of users on the site: sugar daddies or mommas and sugar babies (all over 18). 

Users fall into two categories and some sugar daddies and mommas will be searching for nothing more than companionship and friendship; but of course, others will be looking for a lot more. However, that’s made clear as soon as users land on the site so that’s good because users have a fair idea of what’s expected of them. Of course, how far a relationship goes falls on the sugar daddy and sugar baby. For some, this will be a strictly companion/friendship-type relationship but some will seek sexual relationships as well. is only for consenting adults over the legal age, usually 18 or over. No user needs to take their relationship to a sexual (or any) level unless they so wish or choose to do so. You should never be pressurized into something you’re uncomfortable with. 

Creating a Account

Signing up to takes minutes, depending on which sign-up method you choose, and doesn’t require a lot of information either. You’ll be asked to complete a registration form with personal information such as your gender, if you want to be a sugar daddy, momma, or baby; and if you’re interested in men, women, or both. Then, you say how much you want to spend or have spent on you. Essentially, sugar daddies create a budget and potential sugar babies are matched that way. It works in reverse with sugar babies setting out a limit on what they want to be spent on them. This may help find an appropriate match so it’s wise to use a sensible amount you’re happy with. will also require an email address to complete the sign-up process. However, if you didn’t want to hand over your personal email address, you could use your Facebook account to sign-up. If this isn’t an option, you could use another social media account. If you’re a college or university student and have a university email, you could use that. This may allow users to be upgraded to a premium account for free. Using a personal email address might be better if you wanted a little more discretion and privacy but it’s your decision.

A profile photo is required. You do have to be careful of the photo you submit to the site because all photos are subject to approval. This means they won’t be published if the site doesn’t believe it’s you. If deems is unsuitable because they believe or have proof it’s not actually your photo, it won’t be posted. You’ll be required to use another photo for your profile. While it’s frustrating to go through this, it adds a little bit of security. ensures photos are genuine and yours, not a celebrity.

How much you disclose in your profile is up to you.

Background Checks

On occasions, will require a background check for security purposes. This is carried out by a third-party. If your check comes back with a clean bill of health and deemed safe, you’ll be awarded a badge and placed onto your account. Basically, this shows potential members you’ve passed the security check. While this isn’t the most appealing trait, it may be a nice safety or security measure. It shows users you’re willing to have this check done and that you haven’t got something hidden away.

Connecting With Other Members does have lots of search features and is impressive and extensive. There are lots of filters to narrow or extend search results. Users get lots of control and that’s important to have. It’s a lot easier to find suitable matches with the same interests as you. Search filters include regional, country, and city districts; as well as zip or postal codes. You can also search according to a user’s drinking habits, if they smoke, how much children they have, the languages they speak, their age, hair color, and height, and much more. 

If you have a premium membership, you could even search for a sugar daddy or momma based on their net income or worth. You could look at their ethnicity, body type, the type of relationship they want, and their status. These filters make it easier to find a suitable match so they’re worth looking at. You can message a member directly or show interest in them by adding them to your favorite list. They can also message you. 

Mobile App 

There is a mobile app available for and is fairly good; however, it’s more or less the same as the desktop version. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and makes the site even more user-friendly. The app is easy-to-use and has been designed very well. The layout works well and searching for a match is simple enough. If you have a GPS feature on your phone, you can use it to find a local match. 

Membership Fees

There are several memberships available. You can choose the 30-day premium subscription which costs just under £70 and auto-renews. What this means is that you’ll pay £70 every 30 days until you cancel. Then, you have the 90-day premium plan. This comes with a one-time payment of just under £180. There is also the 30-day diamond membership which costs under £200 for the month. This offers unrestricted, all-access to the site. 

Finding What You Seek is unique in a lot of ways and it’s a great way to find a relationship that works for you, whether you’re a sugar baby or daddy. What’s more, you can find companionship, a friendship, a sexual relationship, or whatever you need or want. is different and the site has so much to offer. It has a great app and connecting with someone is easy too. 

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